"Touching Hearts and Changing Lives with the Gospel of Jesus Christ"


We have a wonderful brother in Christ who has been corresponding with us since 2010. His name is Richard Tabler, and he's on Death Row in Texas.

Originally, Richard wrote to us for our correspondence courses, which he 


started taking - and God gloriously saved him! Because of his born-again testimony and love for the Lord, guards have come to Christ, fellow inmates (many just before their execution), and others on the outside.

Richard loves the Lord, and now he spends his remaining days reaching out with the Gospel of Christ to anyone who will listen. To accomplish that, he began putting his thoughts of what God was teaching him down on paper, and sending them to us to be typed. In the last few years, we've taken the time to make them into brochures.

Some of his titles:

 Texas Death Row Broke Me
Now Faith Is...
A Life Lost, A Life Gained
Authentic Passion
Be Sober
He Bore the Darkness With Us
We Do Not Understand
Listen To Your Inner Sense
Two Brothers Filled with Faith

Richard would be honored if you would click on these and read them, download, print, and even hand them out if you want. He just wants to be a blessing and get as many people as he can out of satan's clutches and into God's hands before the Lord, and the state sends him home.

Click the link below to download all of the brochures in a zip file.

Death Row Brochures