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Pam Wilhite
Intercessory Prayer Coordinator
5400 Minor lane
(502) 964-3304 ext 1227
(502) 400-4289

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Miscellaneous Information:

Born again in April 1974, God opened many doors for Ministry. 15 years ago, I got involved in doing Bible studies in the Prison Ministry. I shared the Gospel with many prison inmates. Presently, I am active at KCIW (Kentucky Correctional Institute for Women) and with the help of Debra Huff studies are held every Tuesday night in the Psychological Care Unit. We, recently, did our first women’s encounter last May and are preparing to do our first crusade out on the yard of the prison in June. We have bible studies each year during the fall in September that are held in the chapel at the prison. We also have a Christmas program in December for the prison women with special music and a guest speaker. The anointing of God is present and powerful in ministering life and healing to the women as the Gospel is presented to them. Many women have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior as a result of these meetings and lives have been changed for the glory of God.