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Linda Bullock
Office Manager
5400 Minor Ln
(502) 964-3304 ext 1228
(502) 400-4289

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Miscellaneous Information:

I was raised in church, but I didn’t really have a relationship with Jesus until I was in my thirties. In 1992, the pastor of the church we attended challenged the congregation to read the Bible through that year. I had never read the Bible for myself so I sat down one day and started with Genesis. By the time I got to the Gospels, I was in love with Jesus – But I knew there was something missing. I needed more of God and I began searching for all of Him. During that time, God led me to watch the 700 Club and I saw on there something I craved. They truly believed in the Power of God and God was answering their prayers! One night while watching it and praying along with Ben Kincheloe and Pat Robertson – Ben had a word of knowledge about a woman being healed of migraines. That was me! I received it for myself. I had suffered with migraines for six years and after that night, I was free! After this, the small denominational church we attended just did not satisfy me any more. He eventually led us to join Evangel. That was ten years ago.

After about a year, God began dealing with me about volunteering in the prison ministry. Like many people, I just did not want to check into it – though if asked why, I could not have given you a valid reason. Looking back over the years, I can now see where God was directing everything in my life to get me ready for this particular ministry! I always loved typing and office work. I had been a home school mom and had my own typing business for 14 years. In 1999, God orchestrated things so that I began helping Nadine Daugherty, the Director, with letters and other typing needs at home. Then in early 2000, I began working in the office to help out and I became a pen pal with the ministry. The office had one computer, two volunteers, one correspondence course, and a small pen pal ministry. We’ve come a long way since then! I’m so glad I obeyed God’s direction and volunteered to help. There is no place I’d rather serve than the prison ministry!