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Nadine Daugherty
Founder & Director
5400 Minor Ln
(502) 964-3304 ext 1227
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Miscellaneous Information:

I was born into a strict Christian (Church of God) home and called to the mission field at age 12 while attending a revival – and again the summer before my senior year. Being raised in a home where the answer was always “NO” and “You can’t”, I wanted to be like other young people and just have a good time. I wanted to do things my own way, so I ran from God until I was 43 years old and I couldn’t run any further. After going through a traumatic experience in my life, I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior while watching PTL and the 700 Club. My eight year old son had begun getting up at 6AM and watching the Christian station until it went off at 1:30 PM and I began to watch a little each morning with him. One morning I watched it with him from 6 to 1:30 and the next morning he didn’t come in to watch with me – he said he wanted to watch cartoons in his own room – but I was hooked. I saw in the 700 Club and PTL something I wanted in my life.

After I gave my life to Him, the Lord called me into the prison ministry right away. I wanted to be in the healing ministry, but one morning while praying I surrendered and said, “Lord, I want what you want,” and He spoke clearly and said, “It’s the Prison Ministry!” My husband was old school, thinking women’s place was at home in the kitchen. As I approached him and began to share with him what the Lord was talking to me about, he said, “If I had my druthers, I would rather you stayed at home – but if this is God, then I’m afraid to say anything against it.” So I began my Christian journey that has allowed me the privilege of being a part of thousands of souls being won to the Lord.

For 30 years I have worked with Sherry Wright and Bill Logsdon (and countless others), sharing the Word of God in the jails, prisons, youth centers and halfway houses. In 1988, Pastor Bob Rodgers asked Bill and me to begin a prison ministry here at Evangel. Again, the Lord spoke to me and said, “I want you to build a prison ministry for Evangel.” We started with nothing except a call from God and a worn out car with our office in the trunk, and with His help have built the ministry into what it is today. Praise God!