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Monica Edmonds
Writer - Teacher
5400 Minor lane
(502) 964-3304 ext 1227
(502) 400-4289

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Miscellaneous Information:

Heb 11:1, Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things not seen.

I grew up having a church home but had no idea what having a relationship with God meant. I was born again about 10 years ago which was close to the same time my family joined Evangel and I attended the first Women's Encounter. My life, at that point, was changed. I learned so much about me and so much about God. Leaving that encounter I then knew what it truly meant to say "I Have a Relationship with God." For about the next year I did'nt do much in the church other than just attend. God was using that time to develop me as a christian and little did I know He developed me to work in the ministry. I used most of my time just reading my bible and learning as much as I could about the word of God.

In the middle of my third year at Evangel, God started using me in ministry. All of which was a total surprise to me but that's what led me to be a part of the Prison Ministry. My career in Corrections led me to believe that I was unsure of the direction God was calling me, simply because I worked with inmates and offenders for many years. During those times when God was developing me spiritually, he showed me the compassion that I have for the Prison Ministry. I could no longer deny the calling God had on my life and began faithfully working in Evangel's Prison Ministry.

Over the years God has been faithful in opening doors for me to minister and it has truly been a spiritual fulfillment. My areas in ministry: the Prison Ministry, the Women of Excellence ministry, the Prayer Line, the Daycare ministry, the Blanton House Ministry (Lamp Life) and I am a contributing writer for the Christian Country Gospel News. It is such a blessing to work with sister Nadine, volunteers and other staff members who also have a compassion for the Prison Ministry as well. God Bless!